About Us

-Mission Statement -

The ability to understand and exploit the secrets and desires of our fellow beings while protecting our own secrets -- a capability in which the Black Sun Syndicate leads the galaxy -- gives our organization a unique advantage.

  1. The Product Delivery mission provides the products and services desired by our clientele, which may be difficult or hazardous for said clientele to obtain through normal means. The Black Sun Syndicate remains impartial in such dealing and makes no judgments involving said product.
  2. The signals intelligence or SIGINT mission allows for an effective, unified organization and control of all the signals collection and processing activities of the Black Sun Syndicate. The information gained will be put to use as deemed appropriate by the command structure of the Black Sun Syndicate.


-What We Do-

  1. We are a faction of Black Sun, a group led by the Falleen Prince Xizor. As The Black Sun Syndicate, we are dedicated to ensuring the private interests of other Syndicate members while providing protection and returning a tidy profit.
  2. Our goal in The Black Sun Syndicate is to provide a place where those who do not wish to become embroiled in the current conflict between the Empire and this so-called "Republic" can still find a safe haven to conduct their activities. We welcome all types of people from every walk of life, as long as your ideals and code of ethics (we use the term loosely) aligns with our own. We intend to have within our membership bounty hunters, craftsmen, medical professionals, merchants, smugglers, warriors, and those the Jedi call Sith.
  3. Of all the PA's, our stance on the Empire and the Rebellion will be one of the most liberal. We are open to and encourage trade and revenue coming in from both sides. Both ends will be played against the middle.


  Server: Krayt Dragon

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